Today, reducing carbon emissions is on the boardroom agenda of most organisations and has become an integral part of any business model.

Historically, IT was identified as one of the biggest energy consumers within the business environment, that is, until sustainability became a reality. Esteem is fully committed to supporting customers to reduce their carbon footprints through sustainable services and products.

Sustainability is essentially using computers and their resources in an environmentally responsible way. It covers the design, manufacture, use and disposal of computing devices to reduce environmental impact.

Green computing audit

Before you can reduce the carbon footprint of your IT infrastructure, you need to answer some of the basics which we can help you with if required. These include:

We have developed a specific Green Computing Audit that uses unique Esteem software and calculations from the Carbon Trust to identify your carbon footprint.
So, what does it do?

  • It calculates the carbon footprint of your existing IT infrastructure
  • It documents findings to help build a business case
  • It identifies best routes to reduce your carbon footprint
  • It posts implementation calculation to help demonstrate carbon reduction results

Developing a Green Strategy

We believe that by reviewing your existing infrastructure and your strategic aims, we can identify an economically and ecologically responsible solution to make Green Computing a reality. Some of the areas you can improve include:

  • Virtualisation

    Reduce infrastructure sprawl to increase utilisation and reduce power and cooling energy consumption
  • Desktops

    Deploy applications to energy efficient thin-client devices
  • Reuse existing infrastructure

    For example, increase sustainability by reusing your existing infrastructure within a Disaster Recovery site
  • Energy efficient hardware

    Leading vendors are now producing increasingly energy efficient hardware. This will give you the same, or increased processing power, whilst using less space, cooling and power.