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BAM Nuttall reduces costs and improves services to customers with support and maintenance services from Esteem.

BAM Nuttall has a rich heritage within the civil engineering market and has been responsible for many high profile projects that have transformed the UK’s infrastructure.

First established in 1865 by James Nuttall, today the company has an unrivalled reputation for delivering complex and challenging civil engineering projects.

Recent major projects include the 2012 Olympic Park; the Kings Cross / St Pancras Channel Tunnel Rail Link and the redevelopment of Victoria Station and Tottenham Court Road Tube station. All are major infrastructure developments requiring multiple client and community interfaces.The company operates through a network of around 20 regional offices across the UK and has around 150 temporary construction sites in operation at any given time.

The Challenge of Supporting Multiple Sites

BAM Nuttall relies on its IT systems to support business critical day to day processes which ensure that complex projects keep on track; provide critical communication with customers; and maintain the company’s competitive advantage.

Steve Shepherd, Head of IT Services for BAM Nuttall explains, “Having reliable and available IT access reassures our customers that we can be depended on. We have a number of contracts that depend on us to be able to act immediately on email instructions. One of the local Council’s we work for, for example, provides instructions for immediate actions such as gritting roads in the winter via email. If we fail to receive this communication then we won’t meet our contractual obligations, so IT is clearly vital to the growth and operation of our business.”

With an average of 150 temporary construction sites to support across the UK at any one time, as well as its network of permanent regional locations, BAM Nuttall faces significant logistical challenges in ensuring the continued availability of its IT systems. In addition, when new temporary construction sites are set up they need to be rapidly equipped with relevant IT equipment to ensure that projects can start on time and are not delayed. The same needs to happen at the end of each project when temporary sites need to be de-mobilised and the IT equipment quickly removed.

BAM Nuttall has an in-house IT team consisting of 20 people based across their head office in Camberley, in Surrey, and regional locations. The in-house team support the IT needs of over 2,000 employees across the UK, so when a piece of IT equipment breaks down, it doesn’t make business sense to remove one of the team from the head office to remedy a problem occurring hundreds of miles away. 

“To cover and meet the IT support and maintenance needs of all of our 170 sites across the UK would be impossible with the in-house IT resource available to us and wouldn’t make commercial sense” explains Shepherd.

Recognising this challenge, BAM Nuttall decided that they needed to adopt an alternative approach to IT support and maintenance which would ensure that temporary sites could be efficiently set up and closed when required and that they would receive continued uninterrupted IT support whilst they were operational.

As a result, BAM Nuttall decided to work with IT maintenance and support specialists, Esteem Managed Services (part of the Esteem Group) to supplement its in-house IT team as an external support provider.

Ensuring Availability with Strict SLAs

Esteem Managed Services is now responsible for server, laptop and desktop support at BAM Nuttall’s 170 sites. There are strict service level agreements (SLAs) in place between Esteem Managed Services and Nuttall which are designed to ensurethe availability of systems critical to BAM Nuttall’s business operations. Under the agreed SLAs Esteem Managed Services is committed to fixing server issues within 4 hours and desktop issues within 8 hours. With field engineers based at over 120 locations across the UK, Esteem Managed Services is fully equipped to attend the relevant site and either fix the equipment or provide a working replacement within the specified time.

"Our field engineers are based right across the UK. We also maintain a huge range of spare parts for a vast array of servers, desktops and laptops that are stored across the UK. This means that our engineers can easily lay their hands on parts when they need them to fix any hardware item at any of BAM Nuttall’s sites”, explains Joe Connolly, Managing Director of Esteem Managed Services.

Esteem Managed Services is also responsible for building and configuring PCs for new employees or existing users who are due a desktop upgrade.

Meeting the Challenge of Temporary Sites

As well as supporting and maintaining the IT equipment on all of BAM Nuttall’s sites, Esteem Managed Services also arranges the delivery and installation of relevant IT equipment to temporary portakabin offices on new construction sites. Esteem Managed Services ensures that the IT systems on new sites are ready and mobilised on the date requested by BAM Nuttall, to ensure that construction projects can start on time and are not delayed. To meet the tight timescales often demanded by these temporary site set ups, Esteem Managed Services maintains a stock of relevant equipment on behalf of BAM Nuttall which can be configured and rolled out to anywhere in the UK within a day.

When a site de-mobilises BAM Nuttall notifies Esteem Managed Services and they remove the equipment, clear it of any stored information and either place it back into stores for future use or recycle it in accordance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive).

The mobilising and demobilising of temporary sites needs to be completed and managed within strict timeframes by Esteem Managed Services field engineers to avoid any costly delays or over runs in projects.

“We trust Esteem Managed Services and we know that they will deliver and implement any PCs or IT equipment on time. The support and maintenance services they provide to BAM Nuttall save us time and money and enable us to provide a reliable and consistent service to our customers.” Steve Shepherd, Head of IT Services for BAM Nuttall.

A Partnership for the Future

BAM Nuttall and Esteem Managed Services have been working together for eight years. Initially providing hardware maintenance only, the scope of the relationship has now expanded and Esteem Managed Services now also configures and installs PCs on behalf of BAM Nuttall and supplies all hardware.


“To cover and meet the IT support and maintenance needs of all of our 170 sites across the UK would be impossible with the in-house IT resource available to us and wouldn’t make commercial sense.” Steve Shepherd, Head of IT Services for BAM Nuttall

Key benefits reported by
BAM Nuttall

  • Consistent IT service across all 170 sites
  • IT fixes quicker and more cost effective
  • Spare parts more readily available
  • Outsourced delivery and installation
    of temporary construction sites across
    the UK
  • IT team freed up to concentrate on
    company strategy

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