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Croydon Health Services speeds ahead in the virtualisation game with a comprehensive DellEMC & Nutanix solution.

With 3,600 dedicated staff caring for people in hospital, at home and in community clinics throughout the borough, Croydon Health Services NHS Trust is a busy and active hub providing vital, life-saving and life-enhancing services to the local community.

Having recently invested in improving services with a new £21.25 million Emergency Department at Croydon University Hospital, a unit opening in 2017, this investment also spanned the Trust with an aim to deliver higher quality care and access to services.

The Challenge

With increasing pressure to improve service levels, Croydon Health Services NHS Trust recently partnered with Esteem to deliver a high performing, cost effective storage to support the Trust. Delivering round-the-clock services, the NHS has a high dependency on technology to ensure availability and quality of service. For this reason, it is crucial that they own high performing, fully reliable systems to always keep up with demand.

Prior to the project, Croydon Health Services NHS Trust was operating its existing virtualised and physical infrastructure on aging hardware which frequently suffered errors and compromised service levels. Not only was NHS Croydon in need of an upgrade, but it was important that this project delivered future-proofing, high performance, scalability and reduced costs.

Owing to the long standing relationships Esteem has with NHS customers nationwide, NHS Croydon felt that Esteem had the right expertise and industry knowledge to take on the project.

The Approach

Following an analysis and a transparent investigation into a range of solutions Esteem put forward a recommendation based on the need for future-proofing, management, value and cost-effectiveness. After much consideration Esteem designed and implemented a comprehensive end-to-end solution utilising Nutanix and DellEMC technology.

The Solution

As NHS Croydon already had existing Dell infrastructure in place, DellEMC's XC6320 Web-Scale Hyper-Converged appliance provided a logical next step. Alongside Nutanix this powerful combination allowed the Trust to upgrade server and storage resources to modern standards whilst reducing the physical hardware footprint significantly.

As a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integrated Systems, Nutanix combines server, storage and compute into a single appliance. This delivers a simpler, higher performing platform with the ability to scale to business requirements. It is this simplicity that reduces the physical hardware footprint, whilst providing a predictable cost model for future growth.

Whilst upgrading their virtualised infrastructure hardware Croydon Health Services NHS Trust also took advantage of the modern hypervisor features provided by Hyper-V. Hyper-V is a supported hypervisor platform with Nutanix and offers extensive features including Dynamic Memory, Failover Clustering, VM Replication and Quality of Service features.

Overarching this infrastructure Esteem also implemented Microsoft System Center Suite, a management interface which allows NHS Croydon to comprehensively control their entire virtualised infrastructure. This provides a tighter reign over the deployment of services and ensures consistent quality of service.

Stephen Roach, IT Manager for NHS Croydon comments, "We are very happy with the DellEMC - Nutanix solution. This cost-effective, innovative technology will allow us to deliver high quality services to the Trust, and will enable the IT team to respond rapidly to new and emerging IT requirements whilst reducing our overall running costs."

The Outcome

By implementing hyper-converged infrastructure Croydon Health Services NHS Trust has not only upgraded its hardware and software, but also evolved its infrastructure design to scale up or outwards with demand.

By partnering with Esteem, NHS Croydon had an experienced IT team at their disposal to achieve a project of strategic significance for the Trust. Not only did they benefit from the teams' extensive industry and technical knowledge, but this drastically reduced the risk of downtime as their own IT team could focus on delivering a consistent quality of service.


Key benefits reported

  • Reduced Infrastructure Footprint
  • High Performance & Scalability
  • Reduction in IT Spend
  • Reduced Risk of Downtime

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