Knowsley Borough Council

Knowsley Borough Council’s new Oracle Solaris system, was designed and implemented by Esteem. Providing first class Oracle knowledge with a Managed Service offering complete with Migration Support.

My name is Sam Maiden, I’m the Technical Solutions Manager and I work for the IT service within North and Metropolitan Borough Council. The council’s IT challenges are such that they have got an extremely wide user base that we’ve got to satisfy for all their IT requirements. We provide servers, storage, network provisions. The customer base includes council services, leisure centres, libraries, but also we have the registered social Landlord on the network and 3rd Sector organisations.

Esteem have delivered an Oracle secure cloud infrastructure consisting of M10 servers, FS1 storage and SL150 tape libraries. In addition to that they have also supplied managed service for managing the Solaris operating system and Oracle database administration for the council on that platform.

I’ve been working for the council for 17 years and Esteem have been working with the council for virtually that length of time. Originally Esteem provided an E1000 server and then that moved on to an E2000 and E5000 server. Eventually they were replaced by a bigger platform, E10000 server and then we’ve had two more iterations of Oracle Solaris infrastructure since then.

The object is for the projects, over the years have changed, originally it was for the provision of high quality Oracle Solaris platforms with good quality support in the background, if it were to be required. Moving on to provision of a managed service to supplement those platforms complete with migration from 1 platform to another.

They understand our requirements far more than other people who are involved with the competition and made it clear they were interested in us as a customer and that we were important to Esteem as a customer. On each occasion it’s been done through competition and Esteem have won those competitions fair and square.

The council values Esteems efforts to understand its business, to provide high quality services. To be reactive and proactive. Working with Esteem has improved our IT infrastructure on each occasion over the long period of time that we’ve been working with Esteem and has also moved consistently with the council’s strategy with regards to its datacentre provision. Being understanding of our requirements and delivering platforms that actually meet our requirements has never been an issue with Esteem. The cost point has always been right, very important with reducing budgets. I think they have managed to understand the financial side as far as we are concerned.

The Esteem services could be used by other organisations if they wish to take advantage of the opportunity. This would give them the chance to host their systems here at the council’s datacentre, the platforms in, operational and proven and can easily be expanded. Network connections into the council would provide connectivity for those organisations who give them the opportunity to host their systems here, instead of using their own facility if that doesn’t fit strategical or operationally with their requirements.

I’d definitely recommend other councils to work with Esteem. If those council’s wish to find an IT partner whose interested in their service delivery, understand what makes them tick, then Esteem are the right choice. If they want to find a company that provides excellent technical solutions, again the right choice, if they want a company that provides a managed service that they can rely on again the right choice, no reason not to choose Esteem.

"If you want to find a company that provides excellent technical solutions, again the right choice, if they want a company that provides a managed service that they can rely on again the right choice, no reason not to choose Esteem." Sam Maiden, Technical Solutions Manager, North and Metropolitan Borough Council

Key benefits reported

  • Understand requirements and business needs
  • Moves consistently with the council's strategy
  • Cost point has always been right on reduced budgets
  • Flexible services to sell to other organisations

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