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Esteem moved the HR company’s entire IT infrastructure to a cloud based platform, resulting in greater flexibility for the organisation to flex users and licences as required, and giving them the capability to grow and expand as a business.

My name is Carrie Sheen, I work for McGinley Group and I’m the IT manager. We have a close working relationship with Esteem. In-house we only have a small IT department, and we’re only able to work that way by being able to see Esteem as an extension to our existing IT team and that’s why we work very closely together.

McGinley had a big choice to make into which way to go with their IT - whether to stay with a physical environment or moving to a cloud based environment. At all points Esteem held our hand through this decision making, they offered us amended pricing and advice at every turn and that was the kind of support we were looking for from the beginning, and that’s why we chose to work with Esteem.

We moved the entire infrastructure to the cloud because McGinley were looking for a quick and cost effective way to set up their IT infrastructure. The cloud offered this facility, and, guided by Esteem, we were able to get things in place where we could flex licenses and hardware as recruitment trainers demand.

Moving to the cloud has given us such a vast array of flexibility; we’ve been able to flex user licenses across all our software, been able to increase storage as and when it’s required and also been able to set up new offices at short notice. This is all something which is only available to us because of the cloud environment.

Whilst in the public cloud we experienced some downtime. With the guidance of Esteem, we moved to the private cloud. This was seen as a massive undertaking but from a user point of view, it was probably one of the smallest undertakings they could see because there was very, very little downtime involved at all. Esteem constantly strive to work out of hours and to make sure that users didn’t notice the work that was going on. And although it was a very, very big project, users didn’t notice this at all.

We came to a point where we had to make a decision whether to keep IT support in house or whether to utilise the services of Esteem’s managed support. Esteem offered us a short-term managed support service while we made this decision and during this time, we realised how invaluable this service could be to us. We don’t have to worry about holiday cover or sick cover for in-house staff, the help desk is always there to help us - we can have numerous staff members speaking to the help desk at any one time working on different projects making sure that we get the support that we need at all times. It’s an invaluable service.

Esteem were the experts in moving us to the cloud-based platform, they hand held us through this experience and their experience was invaluable to us at all stages.

"With our managed service with Esteem, we don’t have to worry about holiday cover, or sick cover for in house staff, the help desk is always there to help us. We can have numerous staff members speaking to the helpdesk at any one time, working on different projects making sure we get the support we need at all times. It’s an invaluable service." Carrie Sheen, IT Manager, McGinley Group

Key benefits reported by McGinley

  • Quick and efficient set up of users and new offices
  • Flexibility to add and remove users and licences in line with recruitment trends
  • Access to the Esteem helpdesk for multiple projects at any one time
  • Staff holiday and sick leave covered accordingly

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