Shanks Waste Management

The leader in waste management solutions relies on flexible IT managed services to support its growing business requirements.

Rapid Expansion Requires Enterprise IT Systems

Shanks Waste Management is a leading international waste management business, providing sustainable alternatives to landfill and mass incineration.

Following several acquisitions and a substantial amount of organic growth in recent years, Shanks needed advanced IT Systems to support their vastly growing business. They also needed to implement an adequate disaster recovery solution to ensure business continuity in the event of a failure.

Shanks already outsourced the management of their IT, but they needed a more flexible service, tailored specifically for their needs, one which they could change and amend to meet their dynamic requirements. They needed a managed services provider (MSP) who could manage their estate in its entirety, which would allow their in house IT department to focus on new business application’s and innovation, rather than maintaining their day to day systems.

ICT Manager for Shanks, David Skett, said: “We needed a more agile and responsive service that could support our plans for expansion and growth. The nature of the business we operate in moves very swiftly; regular changes in laws and regulations, and pressures from Europe, dictate very tight timescales in regards to IT provisions. We needed a provider who could give us 100% focus.”

The leader in waste management solutions also had an ageing IT estate which was becoming increasingly difficult to manage and more expensive to maintain. They needed agile IT systems which were technically advanced to support their dynamic growth. Shanks began looking for a new managed service provider who could deliver the flexibility they needed, and also design, implement and manage an infrastructure refresh of their IT estate.

Fully Hosted Solution Provides Flexibility to Grow

Shanks partnered with IT managed services provider, Esteem, who could design and implement the enterprise level IT systems required and support, manage and maintain the entirety of Shanks’ IT infrastructure.

David Skett said, “Esteem was our partner of choice as they offered a proactive and innovative managed service which would support our company growth ambitions. They were passionate and dedicated to helping us fulfil our business objectives.”

A managed service approach enables Shanks to cope with their requirements and adapt to the changing world of technology. David explained, “Outsourcing provides us with the resources to stay ahead of the competition, and gives us access to experts in new and emerging technologies, as and when we need them. The ever changing and rapid pace of the technology market comes at a cost which makes outsourcing very attractive indeed.”

Shanks made a significant investment over 5 years, for a tailored managed service and for the design, implementation and management of a new IT infrastructure.

Infrastructure Builds Foundation for the Future

Esteem first built a new state of the art infrastructure platform in an off-site location. The managed service provider installed a complete end to end HP infrastructure including servers, storage and networking. Shanks took a strategic decision to make a significant investment in their hardware infrastructure, implementing a replicated like for like secondary disaster recovery (DR) site. David commented, “Previously we didn’t have any DR provision, which was an obvious exposure and risk. As the nature of our business is very high volume and transactional based, we needed a sufficient DR site which would be able to cope with our demands.”

“We’ve made a heavy investment into our infrastructure, but it is one which is absolutely cost effective. It provides a sound technical base to build and support the business on.”

Shanks used Esteem’s proprietary auditing software, Intelligent Audit, to better understand the vastness of their current IT estate before implementing the new infrastructure. Shanks will also be able to use the auditing software with their new infrastructure as a means of registering their assets and keeping an up to date checklist of all licences and hardware. This will be of most importance when sites are opening and closing, and when users choose to change device.

Esteem implemented an IT environment based on Microsoft Hyper-V technology, and updated Shanks’ existing Citrix environment onto the latest version of XenApp. The latest Citrix technology provides Shanks with increased speed and performance. Esteem successfully deployed Shanks’ Citrix environment and migrated the organisations business critical applications such as Agresso and Business Objects onto the new hosted platform.

David said, “The migration was managed very well, with very little disruption.”

Outsourced Managed Service Delivers Expertise

Once the new system was implemented, Shanks handed over the management of their IT estate to Esteem. David said: “Esteem’s vast experience of providing enterprise level managed services and the expertise of their consultants, engineers and technical team, gave us confidence in their ability.”

Esteem provides a 24x7 managed service for all of Shanks’ servers, networking and storage. Their dedicated help desk is a single point of contact for all of Shanks’ users to log incidents and service requests, where skilled personnel can take ownership and resolve incidents within a strict service level agreement (SLA).

The outsourced solution allows Shanks to take advantage of Esteem’s extensive base of technical experts and consultants, as and when they need them. David said: “Esteem’s managed service brings the business stability, and provides availability of expert resources.”

With Shanks’ in house IT team focussing on the development of core business applications, Esteem ensures systems are optimized and available, flexibly adapting to the changing requirements of the business. Esteem’s proactive approach to maintaining systems identifies and addresses issues as a matter of urgency.

David stated, “When we partnered with Esteem, they successfully embedded themselves within the Shanks IT team. Their commitment to Shanks is incredible; they give 100% commitment at all times.”

Esteem also provides support and hardware maintenance for Shanks’ 28 weighbridges across the UK. David said: “The support and maintenance of our weighbridges is absolutely critical, without them working we can’t have sites open. Every minute a weighbridge is down, we’re losing revenue for the business.”

With a UK wide coverage of skilled maintenance engineers, Esteem can ensure the productivity of this business critical equipment.

David ended, “Outsourcing pays dividends if you choose the right partner, that’s what we’ve found with Esteem.”


  •  Hosted managed service
  • 24x7 management, monitoring and maintenance of all servers, storage and networking
  • Hosted managed service
  • Hardware maintenance of weighbridges
  • Helpdesk service


  •  HP SANs and Servers
  • HP Tape Librarys
  • HP Controller Array
  • Cisco Firewall


  • Microsoft Window 2008
  • Microsoft System Centre Management Suite
  • Citrix XenApp
  • Citrix Edge Sight
  • Intelligent Audit
  • Symantec Net BackUp

“Esteem was our partner of choice as they offered a proactive and innovative managed service which would support our company growth ambitions." David Skett, ICT Manager, Shanks

Key benefits reported by Shanks

  • Increased revenue from uptime of sites and weighbridges
  • Flexibility for company growth and expansion
  • Agile IT systems
  • Readily available expertise and technical knowledge
  • Increased service level from development of IT systems
  • Increased employee productivity – in house IT team able to focus on business innovation

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