Hinckley & Rugby Building Society Simplifies its IT Infrastructure and Delivers Operational Efficiencies with Esteem

With thousands of customers to service on a daily basis and even greater numbers of sensitive data records, Hinckley & Rugby approached Esteem to transform its IT infrastructure and improve operational efficiency.

A top twenty society with eight branches and four agencies across Leicestershire and the Midlands region, Hinckley & Rugby Building Society approached Esteem with the objective of future-proofing its IT infrastructure and increasing operational efficiency whilst reducing physical server footprint and costs.  By implementing a comprehensive Nutanix - Citrix solution, Esteem has delivered that and more, reducing seventeen servers to three, simplifying management through Nutanix Prism and reducing login times from 2 to 5 minutes down to 20 seconds.

Prior to engaging with Esteem for this project, Hinckley & Rugby had been unable to cope with the demands of a growing customer base and the IT team spent the majority of their time 'keeping the lights on' dealing with server and desktop issues.  Through working with Esteem, Hinckley & Rugby was not only able to implement a cost-effective solution to meet its business requirements, but the Society also took advantage of Esteem's Managed Services capability.  By outsourcing core IT operations to Esteem, the Society's internal IT team is now empowered to focus on projects of strategic significance and add greater value.

"Esteem were the logical choice as they have the infrastructure to support new technologies and maintain them on an ongoing basis" says Michael Sharpe, IT Services Manager at Hinckley & Rugby.

Working with Esteem, Hinckley & Rugby Building Society has successfully achieved its key strategic objectives with an agile and scalable IT infrastructure, supporting its business growth.  Michael Sharpe comments: "Nutanix's innovative and market-leading solution has, in very simple terms, brought about seventeen different servers together on a single 'pane of glass' to hugely simplify the management of our infrastructure.  For the first time we have a leading edge solution rather than following the pack."

Looking to the future, Nutanix combined with Esteem's Managed Services offer the valuable prospect of a simple and cost-effective upgrade pathway should the Society need to scale up or out in the future.  Michael Sharpe, IT Services Manager at Hinckley & Rugby adds: "Bringing our disparate systems together onto one management console has quite simply revolutionised our lives."

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