Azure Backup and Site Recovery Manager Launched in the UK

By Richard Bond, Esteem's Pre-Sales Architect

On 9th February Microsoft announced that both Azure Backup and Site Recovery have been made available through their UK data centres.

This was a late shipping product, but one that has been eagerly awaited by customers in highly regulated industries such as healthcare and legal. Indeed, Azure Backup and Site Recovery is the perfect fit for those who are looking to move their commodity-based IT services to the cloud, but require their data to remain in the UK.

Microsoft's summary of the services is below:

Azure Backup

This Azure-based service allows you to back up (or protect) and restore your data in the Microsoft cloud. Azure Backup not only enables Azure IaaS VM back up, but replaces your existing on premise or off-site backup solution with a cloud-based solution that is reliable, secure and cost-competitive.

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Azure Site Recovery

Azure Site Recovery contributes to your BCDR strategy by orchestrating replication of on premise virtual machines and physical servers. It enables you to replicate servers and VMs from your primary on premise data centre to the cloud (Azure), or to a secondary data centre.

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In particular, the automation of Site Recovery allows you to initiate DR processes through a single click in the Azure portal. This will spin up the replicated machines and gracefully transfer services across to the DR Cloud provision via a pre-approved and managed operation. To further add reassurance to the process, it can be fully tested in advance without any impact on production services. This not only provides piece of mind, but also meets compliance criteria that requires annual DR failover checks.

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