Esteem achieves Achilles Utilities Vendor Database (UVDB) verification to supply IT solutions to utility organisations

IT Managed Service Provider Esteem has received verification to supply IT solutions to Achilles supplier management service.

Achilles operates the UVDB supplier management service on behalf of all the major UK utility organisations. Organisations purchasing through Achilles are able to source technology products and services at a discounted price, and experience a much more streamlined and lower risk procurement process.

As an established provider of IT services, Esteem was keen to continue their history of delivering solutions to the utility sector and to develop new opportunities with organisations using the UVDB service. Utility organisations in the UK are increasingly using services such as Achilles to demonstrate best value for money and to reduce their procurement process.

Esteem CEO Joe Connolly said: “We have a history of delivering IT solutions to some of the leading utility providers in the UK, such as Yorkshire Water. Being on the Achilles UVDB will allow us to work with other utility companies, and help them to meet their strategic goals and objectives through innovative IT solutions.”

Suppliers on the framework complete a pre-qualification process which makes data and information to organisations readily available. Buying through Achilles reduces the need for costly in house chain management, and gives customers peace of mind that they are dealing with reputable organisations.

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