Infographic Series: Oracle Solutions to Support GDPR Compliance

These infographics are the third and final installment in a series which provides an overview of the tools and products available to support with GDPR compliance from our key technology providers.

GDPR has finally arrived.  If you've kept up to date with the legislation, you'll know that compliance is mostly about the business processes you have in place.  IT and technology does have a role to play, and is in fact an enabler of business process, but the process should always come first and mapping technology to your business process should be your nexr step.  Hopefully, that's where you find yourself now.

Whether you already have an Oracle environment, or you are considering Oracle products, our series of infographics dedicated to different Oracle products below provide a quick overview of the features and tools available from Oracle to support with GDPR compliance.  We've even mapped these against the key GDPR compliance areas to help you out.

Download our infographics:

Oracle Cloud Solutions to Support GDPR Compliance >

Oracle Database Solutions to Support GDPR Compliance >

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