Listen to Episode 7 - Should Public Sector Organisations Be Going Cloud 'Native'?

Co-hosted by Chris Marks, Director of Pre-Sales and Mark Benson, Director of Marketing & Alliances at Esteem, Techpod is the IT Professional's Podcast, bringing the latest news and trends from thought leaders across the IT industry.

In 2013, Government Digital Services (GDS) published a policy encouraging all public sector organisations to prioritise cloud when developing their IT strategy, hence the name 'Cloud First'. However, since being released this policy has undergone a number of changes with GDS moving away from the phrase 'Cloud First', and adopting 'Cloud Native'.

In this episode we chat with Derek Cockerton, Director ESI and Cloud EMEA at DellEMC on what 'Cloud Native' really means for public sector organisations and how they should be taking advantage of this technology.

Listen to Episode Seven >

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