Listen to Episode 8 - "There's an App for That" - Is Consumerisation Causing a Cultural Change?

Co-hosted by Chris Marks, Director of Pre-Sales and Mark Benson, Director of Marketing & Alliances at Esteem, Techpod is the IT Professional's Podcast , bringing the latest news and trends from thought leaders across the IT industry.

The rapid adoption of technology in our everyday lives from purchasing the latest device to downloading an innovative, problem-solving app is no doubt changing the way we work. With the rise of 'digital-savvy' employees and the influx of millenials into the workplace, how can businesses ensure end-user needs and expectations are met?

In this episode we are joined by Brian Gammage, Chief Market Technologist at VMware and Yoni Avital, CTO at ControlUp to discuss the impacts of consumerisation on the workplace and how we can manage expectations, app delivery, end-user experience and Shadow IT.

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