Oracle Calls Time on the SPARC T5-2 Server

By Mark Benson, Esteem's Director of Marketing & Alliances

In case you missed the announcement, Oracle have called time on the SPARC T5-2 server. The server that has been loved by many was finally announced as an end of life product on 14th March 2017. There is no need to panic just yet, the good news is that if you really want another T5-2 you can order one up until the 31st May 2017 (with A final ship date of 31st August 2017).

So the question many of you are probably asking at this point is where we go from here? There are plenty of options when it comes to a replacement platform. If you are looking for a similar platform to the T5 range then the T7-1 server is the obvious choice, this is the latest version of the T-Series of servers that Oracle launched nearly two years ago. The benefits of the T7-1, with its M7 chip, means you are provided with Oracle's latest software-in-silicon technology (performance and security) and scalability.

Alternatively you can look at the latest server from Oracle, the S7-2. This is a server that offers all the enterprise benefits of the rest of the SPARC server range at X86 economics. It also has the advantage of coming in a single rack unit, so it won't be a burden on your data centre real estate.

Finally there is the Oracle Fujitsu M10-1 which benefits from core-activation (capacity-on-demand), software-in-silicon (performance and security) and scalability.

Now, some of you may be sat there thinking it's time to move away from SPARC and Solaris. That the platform is dead (Read Oracle Solaris: What's Going On?).Well this is just not the case, in fact Oracle SPARC systems are going from strength to strength, as can be seen in the graph below:

So if you are an Oracle Database customer, there is no better platform in the market than the SPARC server to meet your needs. A fact backed up by Oracle themselves as they are now using the latest SPARC chips in their Exadata platform.

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