Adding Value Through More Partners

Our partnerships span a number of vendors, each specialising in technologies that can support your bespoke business needs. Our partner network is an intrinsic part of our offering, so we work closely to ensure that your organisation benefits from the most appropriate IT solutions, suited to your budget.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) / Hewlett Packard Inc (HPI)

Esteem is an Authorised HP partner and has a team of accredited HP experts across multiple areas such as Virtualisation, Cloud Services and Data Management. We have the experience to manage your HP environment on your behalf, leaving you free to concentrate on other, more strategic developments.

We work with HP in a number of ways to benefit our customers, offering:

  • HP Integration Services - many of our customers rely on us to provide integrated HP solutions, combining technologies from different vendors such as Microsoft, Citrix and VMware to form a single solution, running on a HP platform
  • HP High Performance Computing Solutions – for customers involved in research and development and have advanced computing requirements, we deliver complex and frequently award winning HPC solutions
  • HP IT Infrastructure Consolidation – many of the HP solutions are simply designed to drive greater IT Infrastructure efficiencies for customers. They include server consolidation, virtualisation, data and storage management
  • HP Converged Infrastructures - increasingly we work with customers to merge computers, storage and networks into a single environment for faster, more efficient service delivery
  • HP Strategic Procurement Services – the strength of our partnership ensures that our customers benefit from increased buying power and cost-effective HP procurement decisions.



Nutanix delivers an enterprise cloud platform that natively converges compute, virtualization and storage into a resilient, software-defined solution with rich machine intelligence.

Working with Nutanix as a Premier Partner, Esteem understands the everyday pressure IT is under to deliver more, deliver faster and at lower costs. Nutanix provides new ways to rapidly deliver business applications and IT services while driving down overall TCO. As a result, Esteem is able to address many storage challenges such as performance and capacity, whilst providing a scalable future proofed platform.



Esteem is a specialist VMware Enterprise Level Solution Provider, which means we are authorised across the entire VMware product range. We can support your business through our team of qualified VMware technical consultants, our expertise in both Server and Desktop virtualisation and through a dedicated virtualisation practice where we design and implement complex VMware environments.

The benefits of VMware technology are vast and proven. Your business can reduce costs and energy consumption, improve business continuity, agility and desktop security. Realising the full benefits of VMware means utilising this technology for maximum impact, and ideally working with a specialist VMware partner such as Esteem.

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