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Season 2 | Date added: 2017-09-28
Season 2 / Episode 1 - What's Coming Up in 2018?
After a short break following Season One of Esteem Techpod, Chris and Mark catch up on what's been happening in 2017 and discuss what we can expect from our industry in the year ahead. With numerous podcasts lined up and some fantastic panelist guests in store, this first episode also gives you an overview of our upcoming episodes.
Season 2 | Date added: 2017-11-07
Season 2 / Episode 2 - Data Protection Bill: What is it and Why Isn't it GDPR?
The Data Protection Bill was introduced into the House of Lords on 13 September 2017 in advance of GDPR coming into force on 25 May 2018. But what is the Data Protection Bill? Should we be concerned?In this IP Expo Europe Special we talk with David Horn and Olly Sealey, Security Specialists at Net-Defence on the importance of the Data Protection Bill, why we have it when GDPR is on the horizon and how it relates to GDPR.
Season 2 | Date added: 2017-12-01
Season 2 / Episode 3 - Think You're in the Cloud? Think Again...
Many organisations believe they are consuming "cloud" services when in fact, they are consuming a marketing wrapper for hosted or leased services, without a significant change in architecture. What does a move to cloud services technically mean? Should consumers be implementing this themselves or consuming this from dedicated organisations capable of providing this architecture at scale? Guest speakers are: David Owen, Oracle Cloud Technology Director, Adam Pulsakowski, Citrix Enterprise Sales Engineer Manager and Lyndon-Jon Martin, Citrix Senior Systems Engineer.
Season 2 | Date added: 2017-12-14
Season 2 / Episode 4 - What is the Future of Data and How Can You Protect It?
The location of organisational data has undergone significant change. With the advent of multiple "pockets" of data in contrast to increasingly centralised repositories, how do we retain control of this data? How do we categorise and locate it? How do we turn this data into information we can gain true business value from? In this episode we are joined by Paul Brook, Director Data Analysis EMEA at Dell EMC, Paul Toal, Sales Consultant at Oracle and David Horn, Operations Director at Net-Defence.
Season 2 | Date added: 2018-01-07
Season 2 / Episode 5 - How Can You Overcome the Barriers to Digital Transformation?
There are many voices extolling the virtues of digital transformation. However, there are also many organisations who feel "locked" into decisions or infrastructure decisions which have been made historically. In this podcast, we discuss some of the barriers to change and how organisations can address these challenges and still walk the path to transformation. In this episode Chris is joined by Paul Mackay, CTO EMEA at DellEMC, Jason Rees, Senior Director of Oracle Cloud and Paul Brook, Director Data Analytics EMEA at DellEMC.
Season 2 | Date added: 2018-02-15
Season 2 / Episode 6 - Why Security Isn't Just About IT...
In this episode Chris is joined by David Horn, Operations Director and Olly Sealey, Senior Consultant at Net-Defence. They provide a plain-talking overview of why you don't want to have a "blame the security guard" approach when things go wrong, and discuss how you can encourage a security-conscious culture across your business.
Season 2 | Date added: 2018-05-16
Season 2 / Episode 7 - Software-Defined, Why Now?
Software-defined everything has been widely accepted as the path many data centres are following. However, software-defined elements have been in play for a number of years, why is now the right time to take advantage of this trend? What benefits are organisations seeing as a result? In this episode Chris Marks is joined by Paul Mackay, EMEA CTO at DellEMC, Lyndon Jon-Martin, Lead Workspace Systems Engineer at Citrix and Andrew Scott, Networking SE Manager at Citrix to discuss all things software-defined.
Season 2 | Date added: 2018-06-05
Season 2 / Episode 8 - Is it Time to Replace Your End User Computing Strategy?
How are organisations delivering applications and data to their business consumers today? Does this need an overhaul, a complete replacement or simply an incremental migration? What are the dangers of "as-is"? What is the "art of the possible" with end user computing? In this episode, Chris is joined by Lyndon-Jon Martin, Lead Workspace Systems Engineer at Citrix and Andrew Scott, Networking SE Manager at Citrix.
Season 1 | Date added: 2017-01-31
Episode 1 - Is Information Lifecycle Management Dead?
Information lifecycle management (ILM) seeks to categorise data according to its value and frequency of access. But with the advent of cloud, flash and other low cost, scalable storage options, do we need to care as much about the way we manage our data.
Season 1 | Date added: 2017-02-12
Episode 2 - Big Data: Is it Relevant to SMBs?
Big Data, Machine Learning and AI are already changing the way large enterprises are run, with huge advantages in operational efficiency, customer service and cost reductions. Replicating these advantages for the small and medium business is vital for achieving a competitive edge, but what is the case for Big Data in SMBs?
Season 1 | Date added: 2017-02-20
Episode 3 - Hyperconverged: Is it Everything You Need?
In the search for increased simplicity and efficiency in the data centre, hyperconverged solutions have emerged as the 'next big thing'. But what is the reality? Are entire businesses running on hyperconverged, or will it be more likely delivering isolated workloads? What does the future hold for hyperconverged?
Season 1 | Date added: 2017-03-08
Episode 4 - Legacy Infrastructure: Is it a Thing of the Past?
Many organisations are resorting to sweating assets to drive down costs, but what are the risks with 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it?' In our latest episode we chat with systems experts, Paul Flannery from Oracle and Mark Maclean from DellEMC around the challenges of legacy infrastructure and how we can combat them.
Season 1 | Date added: 2017-04-02
Episode 5 - GDPR: Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail
In this episode we are joined by Nathan Collins, EMEA Business Development Director and security expert at Druva Inc and Clare Edwards, Associate at Hill Dickinson LLP to discuss GDPR and the impact it will have on the industry. If you're looking for a quick overview of GDPR and the next steps you and your business need to take to address this challenge and opportunity before it comes into force in May 2018, look no further, this is the episode for you.
Season 1 | Date added: 2017-04-28
Episode 6 - IP Expo Manchester 2017 Special
This April we took part in IP Expo Manchester, the biggest technology expo in the North of England. Over the two days we caught up with a selection of technology exhibitors for a 'Techpod' special including interviews with Druva Inc, Net-Defence, Nutanix and more.
Season 1 | Date added: 2017-05-08
Episode 7 - Should Public Sector Organisations Be Going Cloud 'Native'?
In 2013, Government Digital Services (GDS) published a policy encouraging all public sector organisations to prioritise cloud when developing their IT strategy, hence the name 'Cloud First'. However, since being released this policy has undergone a number of changes with GDS moving away from the phrase 'Cloud First', and adopting 'Cloud Native'. In this episode we chat with Derek Cockerton, Director ESI and Cloud EMEA at DellEMC on what 'Cloud Native' really means for public sector organisations and how they should be taking advantage of this technology.
Season 1 | Date added: 2017-05-31
Episode 8 - 'There's an App for That': Is Consumerisation Causing a Cultural Change?
The rapid adoption of technology in our everyday lives, from purchasing the latest device to downloading a problem-solving app is no doubt changing the way we work. With the rise of 'digital-savvy' employees and the influx of millennials into the workplace, how can businesses ensure end-user needs and expectations are met?
Season 1 | Date added: 2017-07-04
Episode 9 - The Future of Application Delivery
In this episode we chat with Richard Bond, Esteem Pre-Sales Architect and Adam Pulsakowski, Citrix Sales Engineer Manager about the reality of application delivery, the need to cope with legacy applications, how to take a hybrid approach, and ultimately how applications will be delivered in the future.