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Benefit From DellEMC's Future-Proof Storage Loyalty Program

Managing your data efficiently and cost-effectively is a key concern with the rate of data growth in businesses, and the General Data Protection Regulation coming into force in May 2018.  Having a comprehensive data management policy and feeling secure in the knowledge that your storage technology is future-proofed is a key concern of many organisations today.

Partnering with DellEMC, Esteem is offering customers a chance to access the DellEMC Future-Proof Storage Loyalty Program which guarantees efficiency, cost-effectiveness and the many loyalty benefits listed below.  As a Managed Service Provider, Esteem is offering full installation and consultancy services for any customer on the program, as well as the option of choosing a CAPEX or OPEX finance model for the program.

What's Included? 


If you are interested in our Future-Proof Storage Loyalty Program, please use the form below to download further details on how the program works and how you can become eligible. 

Equally, contact us to hear more about the Modern Infrastructure Assessment, designed to assess your eligibility for the program and provide recommendations to transform your IT infrastructure and support digital transformation.