At Esteem, we have developed an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by financial organisations. We understand how real business value can be delivered through superior technology.

Our 35 years’ experience of working with banks, building societies, insurance and investment companies highlights that IT can drive and innovate financial organisations, resulting in improved customer service delivery and business growth.

Operating in an intensely competitive marketplace means that financial organisations need to perform and deliver to the highest levels to offer sustainable value to customers and shareholders. This is where IT plays an important role.

In today’s tough financial regulatory environment, those organisations regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) are required to ensure that their business models are more flexible and agile. A solid IT infrastructure can support organisations to meet regulations, improve business efficiencies, and support customer relationship management that leads to increased revenues.

Esteem’s financial IT solutions focus on:

Increased competitiveness

With new entrants entering the market all the time it is important that current finance organisations outperform their competitors by rationalisation, virtualisation and consolidating their IT to reduce daily running costs and increase productivity.


Help your business meet FCA regulations with effective business continuity and disaster recovery, centralised applications and secure data management.

Improved mobility

Finance is increasingly a 24x7 business, so it is critical to provide complete system availability, so your employees have rapid access to data and applications, whenever, wherever and from any device.


Our services are fully flexible, enabling you to respond to changing market demands and scale your licences / users as your business grows.

Increased business agility

Achieved through 24x7 system availability, mobile working, faster server application and desktop deployments.

Reduced IT costs

By increasing your server and storage utilisation and consolidating maintenance and support agreements, you can simplify the management of your IT and reduce your daily running costs.

Controlled costs

By using the latest technology available, you can avoid unpredictable capital costs, previously spent on fixing aging IT equipment.

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