Oil and Gas

The very nature of the Oil and Gas sector can be challenging, with health and safety at its forefront. With many employees accessing systems from remote, and often harsh locations,

a reliable and flexible IT infrastructure is imperative.

Esteem brings over 20 years’ experience of delivering IT services to the oil and gas sector, both onshore and offshore, with certified Esteem engineers trained to operate on oil rigs and gas platforms.

We understand the fast-moving nature of oil and gas exploration and production. Esteem has the capacity to react and adapt quickly to deploy and re-commission IT in a safe and structured way. We have the specialist skills needed to support the management of geoscience data, using High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions to identify oil and gas locations.

Our IT oil & gas solutions focus on:

Managing big data

Data growth is a challenge for all organisations, however, it is more so in the oil & gas industry. Esteem designs solutions which can assist you in computing and managing large amounts of data in an efficient and secure environment.

Increased competitiveness

By rationalising, virtualising and consolidating your IT you can reduce your daily running costs and increase your business output to outperform your competitors and react to the changing economic and political pressures, placed on oil and gas companies

Increased business agility

Achieved through 24x7 system availability, mobile working, faster server application and desktop deployments.


Our services are fully flexible, enabling you to respond to changing market demands and scale your licences / users as your business grows

Reduced IT costs

You can reduce your IT costs by consolidating your maintenance agreements, centralising your infrastructure for simplified management, and increasing the utilisation of your server and storage.

Controlled costs

Avoid unplanned costs on fixing aging hardware by using the latest technology and by ensuring you have ongoing support and maintenance for your infrastructure.

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