Esteem supports utility organisations to build solid IT infrastructures that; delivers reduced capital expenditure, provides access to remote working technology and enables 24/7 customer support services including bill and payment processes.

We understand the increased political and economic pressures placed on utility organisations to provide a cost effective service. We work with utility organisations with large location networks, enabling employees to work flexibly and remotely within a regulated technology environment.

Our utility solutions focus on:

Increased business agility

Achieved through 24x7 system availability, mobile working, faster server application and desktop deployments. Esteem has a wealth of experience of delivering mobile solutions that are accessible from anywhere, at any time, and from any device for remote working employees.

Increased competitiveness

Rationalise, virtualise and consolidate your IT to reduce daily running costs and increase your business output to outperform your competitors.


Our services are fully flexible, enabling you to respond to changing market demands and scale your licences / users as your business grows.

Reduced IT costs

Reduce the daily running costs of your IT infrastructure by simplifying your IT management, centralising and integrating disparate systems, increasing server and storage utilisation, and consolidating maintenance and support agreements.

Controlled costs

Convert unpredictable capital costs to predictable operating costs, freeing up capital which can be used in other areas of the business.

Achilles Utilities Vendor Database

Esteem is an approved supplier on the Achilles Utilities Vendor Database (UVDB). Utility organisations purchasing through Achilles are able to source technology products and services at a discounted price, and experience a much more streamlined and lower risk procurement process.


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