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Esteem are experts in designing, building and implementing cloud computing solutions which respond to organisation’s individual needs.

We work with the business managers and leaders within your organisation to understand your business goals and objectives. We take a closer look at your strategic and operational IT needs, enabling us to recommend what the right platform is for your business. Whether you require a private (dedicated), public (shared) or hybrid (mixture of dedicated and shared) platform, we work with you from initial consultation to installation, and beyond if required.







We help you understand the benefits of different cloud solutions. The most common cloud structure for organisations is typically a hybrid cloud solution, with organisations often choosing to move elements of their IT to the cloud, such as Office 365, and keeping their more business critical applications on a dedicated platform.

By understanding your business goals and objectives, we can evaluate which is the best cloud solution for you, whether your objective is to lower capital expenditure or increase your business agility and scalability.

When you choose to partner with Esteem, you can be assured that you have experts on hand to manage your transition to the cloud. If you need our continued support, we can also manage your cloud solution, on your behalf.

Benefits Of Esteem’s Cloud Computing Solutions:

Cost control

With a ‘pay as you go’ infrastructure, a cloud solution offers a better visibility and predictability of costs, without the capital expenditure.

Business agility

A cloud-based platform increases the mobility of your employees to work from anywhere, on any device. It encourages collaboration and increased employee productivity.


Storing your data in the cloud means it can be accessed remotely, if a device is lost, broken or stolen.

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