Esteem has been designing IT solutions for many years and in that time the requirements of business for IT services have changed, almost unrecognisably.

Esteem focuses on these ever-evolving business and technical requirements as the measure of an effective design, while appreciating that things change, so we incorporate this business agility into our design process. We take into account your business needs and objectives, and everything we’ve learnt during the discovery phase. This will include a holistic view of your existing infrastructure and in-house skills, your business processes and the impact on your business consumers.

The result will be an all-embracing solution design that includes:
  • High level conceptual design
  • Detailed solution architecture design
  • Build and configuration documents
  • Detailed implementation and migration plan
  • Ongoing operational and management plan
  • User engagement plan.

We have strategic relationships with some of the world’s leading IT manufacturers, as well as investment in rapidly emerging and disruptive solutions, and we take an independent approach that allows us to take advantage of the latest and most relevant technologies. We always ensure that your solution is able to take advantage of emerging technologies and trends. We bring all of this experience and expertise to your project and apply it to your specific business needs. By developing a comprehensive solution design, we can create a shorter, more cost-effective development cycle.

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