Installation and Roll Out Services

Esteem provides comprehensive IT installation and roll out services that aim to reduce costs and minimise disruption to your day-to-day business operations. Our extensive IT engineering team has the capacity and experience to deliver large-scale roll out projects within tight timescales.

Our ITIL-based services include:

Off-site preparation

we carry out IT installations and roll outs with minimum disruption to your daily operations. We complete many elements off-site, including commissioning, software installation, customised imaging and testing. We can also store equipment off-site, on your behalf.

On-site services

we manage end-to-end installation processes and take care of the transportation of equipment to your site, on-site installation, initialisation and testing. We can also undertake customised testing that’s tailored to your specific environment.

Quality IT implementation services

our services are based on ITIL best practices. Our extensive team of engineers are accredited to the highest levels with the world’s leading IT manufacturers.

Flexible IT implementation services

our large IT engineering team has the capacity to deliver large-scale roll outs and installations, within tight timescales. Our flexible approach means that, if you prefer, we can also deliver our on-site services outside of your core business hours to minimise operational disruption.

Experienced and skilled teams

we establish a dedicated installation team that typically comprises of project managers, consultants and engineers to design, manage and implement large-scale roll outs.

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